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Fused Glass Pendant Necklace, Horse, Dichroic. Bumbleberry Jewelry


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Swarovski Crystal Earrings 8mm Aqua Blue Crystal Cubes, Pearls & Squaredelles. Bridal, Wedding, Bridesmaid. Bumbleberry Jewelry


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Miniature Green Coat Leather Brooch / Pin by Bumbleberry Jewelry


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Fused Glass Handbag Brooch, Pin, Purse in Bumpy Dichroic. Handmade by Bumbleberry Jewelry


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Purple Crazy Lace Agate Necklace, Bumbleberry Jewelry


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Swarovski Earrings, Light Gray Pearls & Sterling Silver Wrapped Stud Earrings, Wedding, Handmade by Bumbleberry Jewelry


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Bumbleberry Jewelry

Where everything is totally handmade. Using a variety of materials such as Swarovski crystals, fused glass, fine silver, sterling silver, leather, ceramics and broken china in pendants, earrings and necklaces.